Board of Directors

The Indianapolis Masonic Temple Association, Inc.

The Association is the 501(c)(2) not-for-profit corporation which operates and maintains Freemasons' Hall on a day-to-day basis. It was created in April 1905 by the Lodges and other bodies then resident in the old Indianapolis Masonic Temple with a mandate to find a location for, and then to build, a new Masonic Temple in Indianapolis. The new Temple would replace an older structure which was crumbling and located in what had become a very noisy location at the corner of Washington and Capitol Streets. This creation was providential, for in May 1906 a fire destroyed the top floor and roof of the Temple, and resulted in catastrophic water damage to the rest of the building. At that point the IMTA began looking for a new home, with the happy result of the dedication in 1909 of our current lovely building at the corner of North and Illinois Streets.

Prior to 1999, the building was owned jointly by the stockholding constituent bodies which were resident in the building, and by the Grand Lodge of Indiana, F. & A.M. Since a reorganization in 1999 which was completed in 2004, all remaining stockholding bodies and the Grand Lodge of Indiana relinquished their stock to the Indianapolis Masonic Temple Association, Inc., which is now the sole owner of the building. At that time, the Board of Directors was set at 10 voting members, half being chosen by the former stockholding lodges, and half by the Grand Master of Masons in Indiana. In 2014, the bylaws were altered and all of the chartered Masonic lodges in the building were given representation in the choice of the five directors that had previously been chosen by the former stockholding lodges. This added three new lodges to the pool of potential directors.

Five of the directors are chosen by and from all of the chartered Masonic lodges currently resident in the building (currently numbering eight), and the two York Rite bodies still resident in the building which were original stockholders.

In addition, there are five directors appointed by the Grand Master of Masons in Indiana (typically the three Grand Trustees and two others, but this varies).

The Association's officers are elected annually in December from among the ten directors.

2015 Officers

Gary M. Selig, P.M., President (representing Centre Lodge #23, F&AM)
Charles L. Mong, P.M., Vice President (representing Mystic Tie Lodge #398, F&AM)
Phillip D. Whisner, P.M., Treasurer (representing Wayne Guthrie Lodge #753, F&AM)
Randy W. Spaulding, P.M., Secretary (representing Logan Lodge #575, F&AM)

2015 Members-At-Large

Steven F. Burnstein, P.M. (representing Ancient Landmarks Lodge #319, F&AM)
Richard J. Elman, P.G.M., Grand Secretary (representing the Grand Lodge)
George A. Ingles, Jr., P.G.M. (representing the Grand Lodge)
Rodney A. Mann, J.G.W. (representing the Grand Lodge)
Carl E. Culmann, S.G.D. (representing the Grand Lodge)
[Vacant seat] (representing the Grand Lodge)

2015 Non-voting Constituent Body Representatives
(Alternates when non-Grand Lodge voting members are absent)

Steven A. Zuhlke, P.M. (representing Pentalpha Lodge #564, F&AM)
Robert Rini, P.M. (representing Century Lodge #764, F&AM)
Rush Daugette, P.M. (representing Frank S. Land Lodge #758, F&AM)
William H. Short, P.M. (representing Raper Commandery #1, KT)
David L. Miller, Sr., P.M. (representing Indianapolis Chapter #5, RAM)

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Indiana Freemasons' Hall
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Indiana Freemasons' Hall is listed on the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures and on the National Register of Historic Places.

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